We are interested in having a loft conversion but have no plans made up. Can you do this for us?

Yes of course, we can have some plans drawn up for you once you have agreed to go ahead with the project. It will probably take up to 4 weeks to do the plans but once they are completed we can then start converting your loft.

How long will it take to have a loft conversion built?

It could take 6-8 weeks to complete a loft conversion, but this really does depend on the size of it. If you would like us to give you a free no obligation quote, then we will have an idea on what you would like and then be able to tell you exactly how long it will take.

I live in a terraced house, is it still possible to have a loft conversion?

Yes it is possible. As long as there is 2.4m between the ridge beam and the floor joist then you can have a loft conversion built. If there isn’t 2.4m, then we may have to change the structure to the roof. If you would like any more information about this, contact London Loft Conversion today.

Is it possible to see the loft conversion you have already built?

If we have completed any loft conversions in your area then we are happy for you to see these from the outside. You can also look at our gallery which will show you all of the loft conversions that we have built and these will give you some ideas on how your loft conversion will look.

Is the work you carry out guaranteed?

Yes all of our work is guaranteed. London Loft Conversion is also fully insured.

If we find a problem with our loft conversion, what shall we do?

Please call us straight away. We will then come to your property and rectify any problems that have been found.

I have a chimney breast in my loft, will this have to be removed?

The chimney breast will remain where it is unless it really needs to be moved. Planning will be needed but this can be discussed when planning your loft conversion.

How about my boiler, will this be removed?

We do have qualified plumbers that will remove your boiler and place it somewhere downstairs if this is required and you have the room.

Will there be a lot of mess?

We will always try to keep the mess down to a minimum but with any building work there is always going to be some mess. We do clean up as we go.

So we do not disturb you, we will also erect scaffolding around your property and will access your loft through this.